Saturday, July 31, 2010

Quazi Design: Precious Paper

Quazi Design creates eco jewellery collections desirable to the design conscious, appreciating the personality of handmade products.

In every design innovative solutions are sought that respect the environment to create fashion both progressive and wearable. Quazi Design believes in encouraging smaller, high end boutique focused design and local production.

“We appreciate the personality of handmade products, creating jewellery that requires considerable hand skills, attention to detail, high quality and innovation. Our jewellery utilises waste magazines and newspaper, applying techniques of rolled paper beads and paper mache, which is then varnished to become durable. We are continuously striving to create original techniques. We promote social and environmental awareness in design, uplifting the social-economic status of Swazi communities and encouraging responsible lifestyles and new models to promote sustainability”  Doron Shaltiel, designer entrepreneur.

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