Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rosecraft Collection 2011 : Modern serenity with a Swazi Spirit

Marcella Echavarria (ME):What was your inspiration for this collection

Mollie Lanir (ML): You were my inspiration! Inspired by international trends, using traditional techniques

ME: What materials are you using? Why did you choose them?
What about colors?

ML: Using pure natural fibres of Mohair, Silk, Wool, Organic Cotton and Bamboo in pure light neutral colors

ME: Please tell us about the artisans who make the products?

ML: We are currently employing over 35 Rural women, empowering
them through skills training and a fair wage.

ME. Please tell us about the process

ML: Our knitting, crocheting and spinning artisans are home based,
while at our workshop we have highly skilled weavers and ladies
finishing off our pieces.

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@all images by Lisa King

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